Shifting Gears

  • Jeff Couch -- 03 March 2017
    Ask just about anyone and they will tell you that whatever company they work for is (provided that it is even remotely technical in nature) hiring developers like crazy. Apparently, however, they are not necessarily very keen on hiring recent college graduates. Having applied for dozens of roles and receiving no more response than an auto-generated "please be patient...we'll contact you if we find a fit" email becomes overwhelmingly disheartening. As such, I have taken it upon myself to further my education and choose a specialty. My initial inclination was to become a game developer by whichever route first presented itself. However, as more time passes, I have become increasingly aware that my best chance of breaking into the gaming industry lies with me developing a specialized skill set that will allow me to contribute something more than just a theoretical knowledge of data structures, algorithms, and programming best practices.

    With this in mind, I have set myself on a path of learning OpenGL with the aid of several online courses, textbooks, and YouTube videos.

    To be continued...