• 180 Days, 180 Gamesapril 2017Jeff Couch

    So, I have been reading Masters of Doom again and it is really reminding me of all of the reasons why I decided to go to school for Computer Programming at Westwood College of Technology and (more recently) to complete my Bachelor's in Computer Science from CSUSM. Reading about the early careers of Carmack and Romero has certainly provided me with a boost of motivation and inspiration in the midst of my otherwise disappointing career situation... read more

  • Shifting Gearsmarch 2017Jeff Couch

    Ask just about anyone and they will tell you that whatever company they work for is (provided that it is even remotely technical in nature) hiring developers like crazy. Apparently, however, they are not necessarily very keen on hiring recent college graduates. Having applied for dozens of roles and receiving no more response than an auto-generated "please be patient...we'll contact you if we find a fit" email becomes overwhelmingly disheartening. As such, I have taken it upon myself to... read more

  • Dungeon Updatejanuary 2017Jeff Couch

    I am making progress (albiet slow progress) in the development of "Dungeon." Most recently, I spent the last couple of days trying to figure out why my level maps were being drawn upside down. Also, an even more fatal issue was present in which the dungeon tiles were being drawn, but a lot of them were returning null pointers... read more

  • The Dungeon Rebootedjanuary 2017Jeff Couch

    Another of my early favorites was the Macintosh classic dungeon crawler "Dungeon of Doom" (aka "The Dungeon Revealed"). To be honest, I don't really remember a whole heck of a lot about the game. What I do remember is that I really enjoyed the exploration and excitement of discovering new gear and monsters... read more

  • King's Quest Vdecember 2016Jeff Couch

    Some of my earliest gaming memories are of Sierra On-Line adventure games. For me, King's Quest V stands out as a sort of turning point for the series. This was the game that replaced the keyboard-driven lexical parser with full mouse control and it was also the first in the series to feature full voice acting... read more